Greenstone Growth Partners
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When considering whether to hire an outside firm to help grow your organization, it makes sense to spend quality time in finding a partner that has a track record of success in operating environments that are similar to your own.  Below you will find a brief run-down of the types of work where we excel. See our Clients page for a list of current and previous clients.
  • Part-time or interim executive functions including CEO, CFO, COO, and CMO
  • Funding strategy and execution
  • Go-to-market sales and marketing activities, including lead generation and contract sales
  • Business metric identification and improvement strategies
  • Complex financial models and business planning
  • For-profit business models (for non-profits)
  • Marketing: branding, design, channel marketing, direct marketing, online marketing, PR
  • Due diligence on private companies and/or business opportunities
  • Confidential (owner or Board-level) projects
  • Business unit launch, management, and transition to full-time staff
  • Strategy and preparation for sale and/or divestment
  • Organizational structure and training of new management personnel
  • Governmental relations, compliance responses, grant writing, legislative representation
  • Industry and/or market analysis, particularly in relation to competitors


We know from experience what it’s like to raise the capital needed to grow a business. Banks can seem too conservative. Venture capitalists can seem to have unrealistic expectations, be hard to reach, or seem disinterested. Government programs can seem too complex or rigid.  Based on our real-world experiences in raising capital (as actual entrepreneurs!) and in financing “unbankable” rural businesses, we can help you work through this often-challenging hurdle to the growth of your business. Our approach is straight-forward and designed to be get assistance just when and how you need it.
  • Strategy -- We will help you to develop a strategy that is tied to the specifics of your business, thereby identifying the right targets to pursue in your search for capital. This step is designed to minimize the amount of time wasted on incompatible funding sources and to maximize your chances of success in raising the capital you need.            
  • Investment “Packaging” -- We will assist you in developing your “story” in language and numbers that are best understood by banks, investors, and others. First impressions matter, so make sure yours is a great one.            
  • Representation -- We will represent you and your story in discussions with various funding sources.
  • Networking -- We will tap into a diverse set of funding sources and investors that may be interested in your opportunity.
  • Investment -- Occasionally, we make direct investments in client businesses when strong synergies and/or opportunities exist.